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الشبكة العميقة… الجانب الخفي من الإنترنت

الشبكة العميقة… الجانب الخفي من الإنترنت إنتشر اخيراً مصطلح “الشبكة العميقة” أو “دارك ويب” بين مستخدمي الشبكة العنكبوتية، لتمثل بديلا “حرا” للتصفح ومشاركة البيانات. ولكن ما هي الشبكة العميقة؟ وكيف تعمل؟ وما هو سبب وجودها؟ المزيد … Advertisements

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#Humanity -2

2 years after her death, woman gives family wonderful Christmas gift Brenda Schmitz, wife and mother of four, passed away in September 2011 after a battle with ovarian cancer. She was 46. A month before she died, Schmitz wrote a letter addressed to a Des Moines, Iowa, radio station and instructed a friend to wait to mail it until her […]

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#Humanity – 1

Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev (Bulgarian: Добре Димитров Добрев) (born 20 July 1914), better known as Grandpa Dobri or Elder Dobri (Bulgarian: дядо Добри) is a Bulgarian ascetic who walks several kilometers each day to sit or stand in front of […]

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10 social media sites that failed

With so many social media sites out there, majority of netizens are still only using Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. This “social media fatigue” resulting from too many choices may be the reason why these social media sites that were once in the spotlight, have now died out. 1. iTunes Ping Released in September 2010 and closed in September 2012, this social […]

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Shocking Tweets That Got People Fired

Carly McKinney taught 10th grade math at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, until she tweeted about getting high, complete with pics. She was the one who was taught a lesson when she was fired. Cameron Jankowski, a Taco Belle employee, tweeted pics of himself peeing on an order in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but he was the one who was […]

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Breaking Bad – The Evolution of Walter White

// A truly brilliant fan made tribute to possibly the best drama series ever produced. This video is not mine and all credit goes to NinoSingh Productions… This is his work of art not mine!Creators ‘new’ Channel:…Music Used: Zack Hemsey – The Way (Instrumental)

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عن العبد لله -10-

1- لما نقلت دبي مكنتش أعرف حدد خااااااااااااالص بقي .. غير الناس اللى أعرفهم أونلاين عن طريق الجروب اللى قولتلكم عليه فى -9- معرفش حد خالص لغاية ما […]