Are We Getting “PSP” Back?

Looks like the PlayStation handheld devices AKA PSP & PS Vita are coming back!

Personally, it would be Christmas, since I’m into mobile gaming now for portability convenience reasons, but is it really coming back?

The reason for the question is that Sony just filed a patent for a PlayStation game cartridge, which is strongly suggesting a new handheld gaming device is on the way.

The patent was published this month by the INPI in Brazil, according to LetsGoDigital. And it’s for “a configuration applied to data recording and storage device” designed by Yujin Morisawa. And if you don’t know the guy, he’s the Senior Art Director at the Corporate Design Center of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Since it’s registered at the same time as PS5, maybe it’s a new accessory for the upcoming PS5 or just another accessory for any other versions of PS. However, getting a handheld gaming device from Sony after all these years is a game-changer & finally, we could pass the limitation of the Nintendo switch.

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