‪ The Selfie Superstar from Huawei is here.. “HUAWEI nova 3” Available for Pre-order‬

Huawei introduces an AI smartphone with advanced features and at a competitive price


Prior to the official launch of the new smartphone “HUAWEI nova 3”, which Huawei calls ‘the Selfie Superstar’, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia announced the availability of the new device for pre-order by several authorized retailers in Saudi Arabia starting from July 18.

On this occasion, Vice President of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, Pablo Ning said: “with the increasing popularity of selfies and the user dependency on which day after day, the users’ need for a smartphone with front camera to take the most beautiful selfies has become a necessity, which drove Huawei to build a selfie-specialized database using big data collected from a survey that included celebrities, bloggers and other users around the world.

Through enabling the role of R&D at Huawei, we were able to build a prototype that can assist with understanding the mechanism used by users to visualize their concept of beauty as well as use the results to develop the best beauty-enhancing and facial-contouring algorithms and support them with built-in AI capabilities in the new ‘Selfie Superstar’ “HUAWEI nova 3”.”


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