Denial can hit anyone, including you!

Walid Taha | 16,August, 2016
Sure it’s not a deadly thing, but definitely it can effect everything/one around you, including your family, your job and your friends.You may read this and wondering ” what the hell he’s talking about?!”, and to be honest it’s a sign to start looking at the denial signs bellow:
– Everyone/thing against you, Conspiracy my friend

You are always innocent, victim and they’re against you, everyone hating you but afraid to show you that, or they’re making fun of you behind your back.
– Never your fault/mistake

There’s always someone/something to hang your mistakes and faults on it/him, you are always right and everyone ruining your life, and you’re not responsible for all this shit.
– I’m “Know it all”

Thinking that you are the best and no one better than you, thinking that you are the most knowledgeable person and there’s no one can do what you do like you.
– I’m the only right one

Everyone not following your opinion is ignorant, and whoever not agree with you is a poor clueless creature, you are so deep that no one can understand incredibly deep you are.
– I’m Mr. Plan it all

Everything is sorted and planned, there’s no place for surprises, and no one/thing can change that.

Planning is a good thing and it is required but with knowing and realizing that you are living in a “life” with many unexpectable changes comes with a collateral damages.
– I have an explanation for everything

I don’t think it need any explanation here, you got it all, you always use “I’d do it. But”, “I’ll not do it, because”, “I can explain”, sure with a reference to the points above.
Read, Think and ask yourself “am I one of them?” 🙂


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