Madaya.. Kneel or Starve


That’s what Al Assad “Demons” wrote on Madaya’s walls, giving the trapped Syrians a choice to worship Assad or to starve to death.

It’s been months since food aid arrived in this Syrian town, and people are starting to die from hunger.

People living on water, salt and GRASS, and all their sin, that they were one of the first cities to say NO to this Ignorance, unmerciable, dictatorial and unjust regime.

But, it’s not a new thing to Syria, this Assad ,or as I always call him “The Mice Face”, came to Syria with a full bag of unjust legacy from his father Hafez, the one who killed thousands in Hamat in 1982.

What happened at the time was bad (not now bad but bad enough to give a green light to every one after him to kill whoever just to keep the thrones to Assad Clan).

In 1982, the massacre, carried out by the Syrian Army under commanding General Rifaat al-Assad, effectively ended the campaign begun in 1976 by Sunni Muslim groups, against the government.

Causing the death of at least 10000 according to some estimates, while Robert Fisk said it was 20,000, and the “Syrian Human Rights Committee” said it was 40,000 killed because Hamat said NO to the father of the demon.

I’m not going into this religion looping discussion, I’m talking about humanity, about who’s dying every single day, because of some demonic idiot decided that he’s not leaving, without blood.

Sure the support of Russia (who’s invading countries till now) and Iran (Who Killing Ahwaz everyday) helping him.

I don’t care about religion or who’s in power, I care about people and how they suffer, I don’t care about this Sheia and Sunna Myth, I care about humans.

Where’s the world?! What’s the benefits of this daily massacres, people dying every single fucking day, some because of “the mice face” and others because of ISIS, and none of them represent Islam or Muslims, every one of them represent his hunger of power and thirst of blood.

The world became a “garden of extremes”, either a blind support or blind hate, I don’t blame anyone who hate Muslims, because of what they see every day in my countries, that’s why I’m not talking to your religion or race, I’m talking to the human in you, Support Hungry Trapped people in Syria, who didn’t have enough money to leave, who don’t have a ceiling to cover their bodies in this killing winter.

Just Take a Look Here: Video 

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By: Walid Taha



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