9 Things Women Notice About Guys When They First Meet

There is a saying that “men look, women see.”  Another way of putting that is that men admire and women inspect.  If you’re a guy reading this, you might think it’s all about being charmingly handsome and ‘buffed’ to get a woman’s a attention but that simply isn’t true.  OK, good looks and a ‘cute bum’ will certainly help to make a positive impression, but the female of the species are far more subtle than that – their subconscious inspection include many other aspects that most men are simply not aware of.  Starting with some more obvious points and moving on to ones you probably hadn’t even thought of, read on to find out what women DO notice about guys in those first few moments they meet.

#1 – Posture

Posture is the way you carry yourself.  It’s the way you walk, stand and how you are around others.  Women like men who are confident but not arrogant; dominant but not domineering; strong but kind; and generally men who are sure of themselves.  Some call such men ‘alpha males’ and most women would lament there’s not enough of them around!

Man tip: Walk upright, don’t slouch and be confident being YOU.

#2 – Looks

OK OK,  looks are important to women.  But remember the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’?  Well it’s true.  A guy who one woman finds attractive will not appeal to another woman and vice versa.  Ask most women to point out men who they find attractive from a long list of photos or movies and they will pick tall guys and short guys. Dark and fair guys.  Guys with hair and guys without hair.  Stereotypically good looking guys and ones who look more ‘quirky’.  You get the picture – there is more to physical attraction than meets the eye!

Man tip: Make the best of what you’ve got and highlight your strong points.

#3 – Mannerisms

Mannerisms are subtle behaviours. They’re a characteristic manner, or way of doing something; a distinctive quality or style, such as facial expressions or speech. For example, some women like it when guys are cheeky. Others like it when a guy scratches his head when he gets nervous. Or when he’s polite when asking for something. As a rule, arrogant, aggressive or rude mannerisms are not what women want to see, especially when they’re with her.

Man tip: Keep arrogance and rudeness off the menu and save aggression for the sports arena.

#4 – Dress Sense


Women like to see a man who takes care of his appearance and one of the first things she notices is what he’s wearing.  Are his clothes clean and ironed?  Do they fit well?  Are his shoes shiny?  While it’s true that some women prefer a more rugged look and others prefer a more sophisticated style, no woman wants to see a man in ill fitting, dirty or smelly clothes.  Take care of your appearance because she’ll notice.

Man tip: Refresh your wardrobe with at least two good outfits e.g. a good suit and a nice pair of jeans and shirt.

#5 – Grooming

A woman wants to see a man that has clean hair, skin, nails and teeth.  If he’s wearing a beard, it should be trimmed and not harbouring bits of dinner or worse!  A man shouldn’t go OTT but having an attitude that these type of things are only for women will put you out of favour with the ladies as quickly as anything else.

Man tip: Invest in some good male grooming products and use them regularly.

#6 – Smell

Ask women to name one thing that is an instant turn-off with men and time and time again you’ll hear either bad breath, body odour or smelly feet!  If you’re up close, a woman can’t help but notice how you smell so make sure you’ve showered, brushed your teeth and remembered to use the ‘pit spray’ otherwise there will be no second chance to make a first impression.

Man tip: Shower and brush your teeth daily and use some decent deodorant.  But don’t go too far so you smell like a Japanese bathroom.

#7 – Body

While there’s no need to be in the gym every day ‘busting your balls’ to get ripped, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking care of your body by taking some regular exercise.  While there are some women who prefer the ‘beefcake’ look, most women prefer a man who is simply in shape.  That means toned and not carrying too much excessive weight like ol’ beer belly on the right. We doubt whether that fella has seen his ‘bits’ for many a year.  In fact, we wonder whether a woman has seen them for quite some time either!

Man tip: Do some regular exercise that you enjoy to stay in shape.

#8 – Who He’s With

If a guy is with another woman, then it’s highly unlikely he’ll get much attention from another woman.  That’s obvious.  What we mean here is the other guys he’s with.  Do they look respectable? Does the company he’s with exalt his status or demote it?  For example, a guy who’s in a restaurant holding witty banter with a group of dapper, successful looking guys is more likely to get a woman’s attention than one who’s in the corner chewing fat with a bunch of geeks.

Man tip: Keep good company!

#9– Voice


One of the first things a woman will notice when you open your mouth is the tone of your voice – not just the words you say.  This will include how relaxed your conversation is, its tonality (most women prefer deep voices as that’s a sign of masculinity), your accent (some women love certain accents) and of course your vocabulary.

Picture a guy speaking and spluttering at 100mph in a high pitched tone, butting in while she’s talking.  Now picture the same guy speaking in a deeper, relaxed manner and giving a woman time to answer.  A woman will quickly judge a man by his voice and how he speaks.

Final tip: Relax when you speak and remember… being a gentleman never goes out of style.


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