#Humanity – 1

Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev (BulgarianДобре Димитров Добрев) (born 20 July 1914), better known as Grandpa Dobri or Elder Dobri (Bulgarianдядо Добри) is a Bulgarian ascetic who walks several kilometers each day to sit or stand in front of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia to collect money for charitable causes.
The Saint of Bailovo  donates all the money he collects to charities, orphanages, churches and monasteries. He is respected world-wide for his humble and selfless deeds. In 2009 he donated 35 700 leva (then approximately 20 000 Euro) to the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, the largest donation to the Cathedral made by an individual until then. 
His father died in World War I and he was raised by his mother. In one of the bombings of Sofia during Second World War a bomb fell near him and he lost almost all his hearing.
Over the years Elder Dobri became detached from the material aspects of life and devoted himself entirely to the spirit world. Around year 2000, he decided to donate all his belongings to the Orthodox church and now he lives very modestly in a small extension to theSaints Cyril and Methodius parish church in his native village of Bailovo. About that time he embarked on his mission to raise funds for the restoration of churches and monasteries across Bulgaria.  It is this new direction in life and the example he gives with his asceticism that led many to call him The Saint of Bailovo 


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